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CEOs Diary | Chapter 13 : Does a «dream job» really exist?

CEOs Diary | Chapter 13 : Does a «dream job» really exist?

Claire Obry |

Today, a managing news editor from LinkedIn contacted us and ask this question: Does a “dream job” really exist?

Our answer is a big YES. A dream job is the one you create, the one bringing joy to you and to others.
The one that is the dream child of your partner and yourself.
The one that allows a partnership to become a deep friendship.
The one that makes you grow and challenges you everyday by teaching more about yourself, your environment and business tools.
The one that creates a community, a family around you.
It's the small business you once dare to create on your entrepreneurial journey and that is now employing people, and allowing you to meet others.
The one that we created with French Wink, our dream job.

We are 2 French expatriates living in New York for 10 years now. Thanks to French Wink, we are sharing our joie de vivre and love for French savoir-faire with our amazing clients all around the US. 🇺🇸🇫🇷

We have carefully gathered and curated more that 1000 French products all made in France or by French businesses based in the US. We are adding daily new products and expanding the French Wink family that represents today more that 70 brands that we know and cherish. We love to communicate with our clients through our social media, newsletters and events and are committed to have a very responsive and reliable customer service. 

Our specialty is to create French gift sets by launching seasonable or thematic gift sets, by creating the perfect customized set for you or your loved one and by answering corporate gifts requests 

In January 2020, we opened our French Wink Boutique in the heart of Manhattan, Chelsea 245w 29th street to allow New Yorkers to experience France as its full potential, partnering with the French restaurant OCabanon. Our credo: Eat, Shop, Love. Adopt the French attitude! 


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Podcast 🎙

Listen our entrepreneurial journey as French expatriates in NYC in French on Stereochic Radio.  


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