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For The Love Of Macarons

For The Love Of Macarons

Myline Descamps |

Le Macaron dans tous ses états

French macaron has the power to transport your taste buds in Paris. The perfect balance of its soft and crunchy texture make it the diamond of French pâtisserie and its image is highly associated to French lifestyle and savoir faire. At French Wink we love macarons in all its ways and states and we found the best products to show your love for this one of a kind cookie!

And our love for macarons has no limit 🤩🤪😍 Did we miss something❓

Our fine macarons by Chef Thierry Atlan 

First thing first, let's start with the actual patisserie made by one of the best in its category. Chef Thierry Atlan offers a wide range of macarons'flavors from the traditional vanilla and chocolate to the more elaborate Bergamotte or Champagne Rosé. 

Our Macaron Baking Mix

Ready to show off your baking skills? This baking mix is so cute and easy-to-use that you will be impressed by your own creations!

Our Macaron Key Chain

There is not limit to show our love for macarons so what's better than a key chain to bring and show your love everywhere! You can even choose your macaron's color!


Our Macarons Kitchen Towel 

This kitchen towel is one of our favorite and a bestseller.  Handmade in South of France by Tissage Moutet, a family-owned company since 1920!

Our Macaron Soaps Box

In our quest to bring more macarons in your life, we found this incredibly talented French soap maker based in California. She makes eco-friendly handcrafted macaron soaps!!!

The technique is the same as a chef. Swipe to see. We love them and we love even more to be able to share them with you ❤️

macaron soap box

Our Realistic Macaron Cooker For Kids 

For the little ones in the house, how about a realistic wooden Macaron Cooker made in France to pretend to be the next Top Chef ;)

Last but not least... All-natural French dog macarons ;)

Frenchify your dog’s life 💕 This naturally flavored macaron treat will be a pink party in your dog’s mouth.


 ~ Our Macaron Box ~

Now for the real macaron addicts and for a perfect gift idea, here is our curated Macaron Box :)

 A cute and affordable first option is our mini-wink at $25, our full package is for $75. Let's have a look:

macaron lovers

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