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CEOs Diary | Chapter 6: Our core values

CEOs Diary | Chapter 6: Our core values

Myline Descamps |

What are French Wink core values?

When you are a small business like us, this is not something you think about upstream but more something that you find and realize over time.
For many years, we both ran French Wink by ourselves before being able to hire Gabriel our e-commerce manager at the beginning on 2019. The past three months, we expended the French Wink family and welcomed 3 new members in the team: Caroline our editorialist / social media manager, Zina our SEO expert and Rosa our accountant. 
And it's when you're looking for the right people to work with that you realize what are your core values.
It is not easy to find people that are similar and different than you at the same time.

We needed expertises that we're missing and are complementary in order to move forward and step up the business. But simultaneously we needed people who understand our work routine, values and rhythm. We are glad to have found them! 

Here are few things we realized to be very important for us beyond professional skills and helped us to find and choose our perfect fits: 


Our time is precious and we count on our team to be as autonomous as possible without having to check their hours and daily tasks.
In French, there is an a old expression saying « pointer » referring to the time when people pointed their attendance in factories before digital badging ;)
We're asking our team to manage their time themselves and give us deliveries' timeline; we trust them and let them organize their schedule as they wish to do.

Saying " I don't know" or " I don't understand"

We had some bad experiences with interns preferring to say yes rather than admitting that they did not understand or did not know what we were asking. This involved a waste of time for everybody . We think that the strength to say I don't know/understand is actually a proof of self-awareness and willing to learn. And the best of it is that once you learned, you can teach.

French have another great expression for that « l’élève dépasse le maître » (the student has surpassed is mentor). You can even master this new knowledge and improve it with practice and find better ways to do it that will help everyone. 

By following this rule ourselves and sharing it with our team and partners, we learned so much the past 5 years: app, tools, softwares and many more. 


We are both very dedicated to what we do and expect our co-workers to be the same. We need to trust them to be able to give them autonomy. Once we choose the right person, we respect his/her opinions, ideas and suggestions to make our business grow. We are trustful and open to positive and constructive criticisms that make us think and plan in the good direction. We also trust our own guts in every part of the business.

"Un esprit sain dans un corps sain" (a healthy mind in a healthy body)

Everyone knows how much we enjoy good food, wine and partying. But we also love to feel good in our body and mind. Despite a busy daily schedule we always find a couple minutes to workout and to free our mind. Myline is more a morning fighter ;) Claire is more an evening one! So that's perfect. Again perfect combination.

We thank Chloe Ting and Bailey Brown (check them out on Youtube, they offer great free quick workouts;)) who helped us get through the lockdown despite our French gourmet diet ;) 

We also both believe in natural medicine as the best prevention. Spirulina, super food and homepathy are part of our lives. 

Honestly all these small tips were life-saving to keep our mind focus despite the pressure of risking everything to save our business while homeschooling our 3 kids each, homebaking and all the quarantine side-effects;)

Positive attitude

Optimism as keeping and sharing a positive attitude is a must. We want to promote and share the French "joie de vivre" so we have to provide and feel it in every part of our business. This is shared through our communications and social media feeds  but also within our ecosystem (sellers, partners, contractors, customers). Nothing exists than a smile cannot indulge or soften.

We work with kindness and respect. We invented French Wink to allow French brands in the US to support each other, to merge networks, to grow as one big brand called 'French savoir-faire'. 

We work as we live. We have high expectations while keeping the candor of living 100% each moment of our days. We cherish the time to appreciate a meal, a walk, a book, a fabric or a simple moment. 

All of this make French Wink's core values. 

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