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Lifestyle | All about lemon

Lifestyle | All about lemon

Myline Descamps |

Comme un envie" de fresh limonade with a hint of mint 🍋 ❄️🌱
Lemon is the perfect summer fruit. Its color, smell, and taste are unique and its secret powers bring joy, energy, immunization and good memories. In Menton, South of France there even is a yearly “Fete du Citron” (lemon festival) which is a unique event in the world that attracts more that 200,000 visitors every year.
Let’s celebrate lemon and the pleasures that it bring us in many ways!
This post is also a special wink to a dear friend who revealed us her ''peche mignon'' : le citron. Rebecca Plotnick the most French girl of every Americans. 
The 7 secret powers of Super Citron 🍋🦸
1. Good for the line!
Lemon cleans the body and helps to digest lipids easily. That is why it is so often used and recommanded in diets. If it does not help to"lose weight" strictly speaking, it eliminates toxins from the body. And besides, it is not at all caloric!
2. Good for the body!
Rich in vitamin C and thanks to its natural antioxidants, lemon boosts the immune system. It is an excellent antiseptic, antibiotic and antiviral, perfect in the treatment of colds and sore throats.
3. Good for hair!
Lemon brightens, makes your hair shine and gives it volume! But be careful, tell your hair to consume it in moderation, too much lemon assaults and dries the scalp ... It also works against dandruff by shrinking scalp cells.
4. Good for the skin!
Lemon antioxidants combined with vitamin C deeply cleanse the skin by destroying bad bacteria. It also reduces brown skin stains and acts against aging. Here too, we must not abuse it: in the long run the lemon dries the skin!
5. Good for the liver!
Lemon stimulates the production of bile and removes bad toxins from the liver. Nothing better than a lemon cure after a well-watered evening or to get back on your feet in case of fatigue!
6. Against cancer!
Rich in antioxidants, lemon prevents or even slows the progression of certain cancers. In particular, it would decrease the growth of metastases.
7. Good for the house!
There are no virtuous fools. Lemon juice is effective in fighting dirt, including stains on aluminum or copper objects. With a soft cloth and a few drops of fresh lemon, the stains will disappear.
How to consume it?
It can be found in lemonade or some juices. Lemonade is also a good derivative for hydration. Add 50 grams of sugar to 2 liters of water and 2 lemons and you're done. An easy and delicious homemade recipe.
You can also try our famous Teisseire syrups accompanied by olive oil, it replaces the dressing in the salad. It's less fatty, healthier and much better to taste.

Fresh lemon juice is a perfect accompaniment to fish dishes. It should not be added to a dish in sauce, but alone on a grilled fish. The result can only be successful!

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