Miniature Tarts - Bonne Maman

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Have a Bonne Maman miniature lemon tart for a real French go没ter!

Bonne Maman puts all her love and her inimitable know-how into the preparation of these tartlets made with traditional ingredients. The recipe is authentic and calls for quality ingredients: fresh butter, cane sugar for the richness of its taste, fresh eggs, a deliciously crispy dough, and a fresh lemon taste softened by a hint of almond: what better way to treat yourself?

Lemon tart is a classic and much-appreciated dish worldwide. Its composition is deceptively simple: a lemon filling, made with eggs, sugar, lemon juice, and lemon zest, and a simple tart dough. That鈥檚 all! This French version of the tart was probably first made during the Middle Ages, as were other lemon creams, tarts, and cakes. Meringue was not invented until the early 18th century, in Switzerland 鈥 in fact, the whipped egg whites supposedly gave their name to the town of their invention, Meiringen. The lemon cream was most likely invented by Quakers in England at the end of the century. Sailors ate plenty of lemon tart and its cousin, key lime pie, since its high Vitamin C content kept scurvy at bay. Interestingly, lemon meringue tart, which is now so popular in French bakeries nationwide, was made as we know it today and codified by Elizabeth Goodwell in 1802 in the United States! But of course, the French made it their own, and it has become a staple of French baking.

Bonne Maman started in 1971 at Biars-sur-C猫re, a village in the Lot region known for its plentiful fruit at the junction of the C猫re and Dordogne rivers. The jam is so good that it could have been made by a grandmother for her family 鈥 hence the name 鈥淏onne Maman,鈥 which is an affectionate name for grandmothers in French. A simple glass jar, a handwritten paper label glued on, and a cap with a red Vichy fabric pattern: this is the way grandmothers used to make jam with all the fruit that ripened in the summer. The recipe is simple: 50% fruit, 50%, and the result is always delicious!

These miniature lemon tarts do not contain any artificial ingredients, colorings, or preservatives. Tarts are wrapped individually for maximum freshness and easy addition to a lunchbox or backpack!


  • wheat flour
  • sugar
  • inverted sugar syrup
  • 17% fresh butter
  • fresh eggs
  • ground almonds
  • 1.3% lemon puree
  • natural lemon flavor
  • acidifier: citric acid, salt
  • gelling agent: pectin

Allergens: wheat, butter, egg, almond, hull fruit, sesame, soy

Weight: 125 g

Size: 9 tarts, individually wrapped

Product of France

Miniature Tarts - Bonne Maman
Miniature Tarts - Bonne Maman