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We create turnkey brick-and-click experiences with a French twist.

We are on a mission to empower brands to build human connections with their community. We make it possible by creating immersive retail experience in temporary spaces called "pop-ups". They are designed to deepen relationships between your brand and your community. Either you are seeking to throw a special event such as a product launch, or to test out a new location or market, pop-ups are great to cultivate awareness, engagement and community building.



We re-think the possibilities of brick and mortar spaces.

Retailtainment: the fusion of retail and entertainment

People need to be given good reasons to leave the convenience of online shopping aside and trek to a physical store. Using human’s five senses, we design in-store experiences that create emotions, awareness and generate sells. Storytellers at heart, with our love ofVoltaire and Simone de Beauvoir, and foodies, we French love to play with human’s senses to create moving experiences. We don’t see shopping as a purely transactional chore, but more as a social activity, a stress-reliver and a pleasant experience. As people, particularly millennials, tend to prioritize experience over material things, offering in-store experiences is a great way to generate buzz around your brand. 

Shared Economy: Share your space. Share your costs. Meet brands. Build relationships.

We believe that collaboration beats competition.That’s where our idea of curating theme-specific multi-brand pop-ups come from. Participating brands benefit of great visibility at a lower cost compared to a single-brand pop-up. We enable businesses from all size and budget to share a space; therefore creating a more inclusive market-place for tomorrow.

Data: Capture rich customers insights

Pop-ups bring real-time data analytics to retailers. Whether your business exists online of overseas, pop-ups will allow you to track insights on customer preferences, traffic and demographic while collecting direct feedbacks from your customers. You launched a new product and seek direct feedbacks?You’re curious about the customer profile that your brand attracts?You want to create unique in-store experiences to engage with your community?Throwing a pop-up might open doors you never knew existed!