Haribo - Tagada

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Is it the strawberry taste or the soft but  grainy texture that make the Fraise Tagada Haribo one of the favorite candies in France?

Originally bright-red, their color has become a little more subtle in recent years because when they removed the artificial coloring which only makes us like them more!
This small ball covered with fine red sugar has been a go-to for the kids (and their parents!) for nearly 50 years as it was created in 1969. The strawberry candy we all love! So bring the sweetness of your childhood back with Tagada Haribo!


  • Sugar

  • glucose syrup,

  • Gelatin

  • acidifying agent:  citric acid

  •  Flavoring

  •  colorants:  curcumin, carmins, vegetal carotenes.

Weight: 4.2 oz. 

Product of France.

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