Merde: A Story In Easy French with Translation (The Merde Trilogy)

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Merde: Volume 1
Merde: Volume 2
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Merde: A Story In Easy French With Translation

Merde: A Story In Easy French with Translation (The Merde Trilogy)

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Merde: A Story In Easy French with Translation

Reading a book in French can be difficult, even for advanced students. This fun novel, written in easy French, contains grammar exercises and English translation. It's the perfect book to improve your French! It's recommended for both students and teachers.

About the Different Volumes

Merde, It's Not Easy to Learn French! (Volume 1)

In this book, Helen, an energetic American woman, decides to learn French to get her brain working. For Helen, learning French is not easy, but it's an exciting adventure! 

Merde, French is Hard But Fun! (Volume 2)

In this trilogy's second book, Helen continues to learn French. Except now she has a dream: to visit Paris to use her French! 

Merde, I'm in Paris! (Volume 3)

In this trilogy's third book, Helen finally lives her dream to see Paris. With a lot of humor, Helen tells us about her trip: visiting the Orangerie Museum, the Père Lachaise cemetery, and other interesting places.

Meet Author France Dubin

Arriving in Austin, after living in Paris, Nice, Houston, Boston and San Francisco, France Dubin set about teaching French to young children. Equipped with a teddy bear named Cinnamon, she told fun and exciting stories at several schools in the city.
A few years later, the Austin Community College offered her to teach French. She immediately appreciated having as interlocutors no longer children but adults. 
It was while reading French literature books with her students that she had an idea: to write engaging and sometimes a little irreverent stories for adults in easy French. She first used these texts in class. Then seeing the enthusiasm of her students, she decided to publish them.
Today, five books are available. They are used by many students and their French teachers in countries such as the United States, Brazil, Australia and Japan.

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Merde: Full Book Collection
Merde: Volume 1
Merde: A Story In Easy French with Translation (The Merde Trilogy)
France Dubin
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