Vanilla Sugar - Alsa
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Bake like the French with authentic Alsa vanilla sugar!


When it comes to dessert-making, most French are faithful users of Alsa's sucre vanillé, which translates to vanilla sugar. In recipes, the quantities are indicated in "sachets," referring implicitly to Alsa pouches!

Alsa was created in 1897 by Emile Moench, a young French baker who travelled to Vienna for his apprenticeship. He was surprised to discover that his employer used chemical yeast rather than traditional baking yeast for his cakes. Upon his return to France, he began to make the chemical yeast himself. At the time, the village priest took care of the marketing and distribution! Emile’s wife dreamt of an Alsacian woman in a traditional headdress, which spurred the creation of the logo and pink packaging for which Alsa is still known today. The company grew quickly, and soon Alsa was producing all manner of baking ingredients. Emile even published a collection of baking recipes, and became the first cookbook editor before World War I. After World War II, Alsa establishes itself throughout France as the top producer of baking ingredients. The company wins over hearts and minds with its simple, straightforward recipes. This reputation continues today. In fact, a little pink pouch is sold every three seconds!

Use Alsa's vanilla sugar in recipes for which you would usually use sugar and vanilla extract. This route is simpler, faster, and more delicious! The French would use vanilla sugar in baked goods, like cakes, madeleines, crêpes, or apple tarts. They might also stir a packet into an unsweetened yoghurt, to remove the bitterness. You could also use Alsa vanilla sugar in your coffee, to add a little flair to your morning; if you’re working on a more involved recipe, you could use it to macerate fruit. It fits wonderfully into a homemade vanilla ice cream recipe or a homemade vanilla glaze. You can afford to be creative – nearly anything tastes better with vanilla!


  • sugar
  • starch
  • natural vanilla extract
  • can contain: wheat

Weight: 90 grams

Size: 3.1 oz

Sold in packs of 7 pouches of 7.5 grams each.

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