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Mother's Day | I am every woman!

Mother's Day | I am every woman!

Caroline Diene |


“Je suis comme je suis
Je suis faite comme ça
Quand j’ai envie de rire
Oui je ris aux éclats”


(Jacques Prévert, French poet)


In 2020, women are many things.

Adventurous, bad moms or Parisians jusqu’au bout des ongles (she behaves and looks every inch like one).

Moms who are truly cordon bleus, impassioned with cooking, who delights you all day long with their creativity.

Sweet-tooth moms (bec sucré), who never runs out of sweets, cakes or treats. They might even have hidden spots just for that.

“Just in case” mothers, those who like to plan everything, organize and plan for every possibility. With them, there is no room for improvisation. You already know their schedule, hung on the fridge, and their little weird habits.

There is the mother who has le coeur sur la main, with a tender and generous heart, even when their kid's friends come over. And we can admit it’s very cool to have such an inclusive and welcoming mom… though it can be very embarrassing sometimes too. :)

And then also, the mom who ramène sa fraise  (busybody), passe un savon (tells you off) ou donne la banane (makes you smile).


The thing is mothers can be different kind of moms at the same time, not only one…

Yes, women are many things!

They wish to be loved for who they are, what they give as what they retain, due to a lack of self-confidence, vigilance or time.

They want people stop judging them.

They ask for support, to have at least 5 minutes of laughter each day with you and never miss the opportunity of a hug.

Do you understand the idea, now? Perfect!

All you have to do is honor the queen of the house, on May 10th! THE REAL QUEEN!!!

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