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Martial Vivot

Marine Lancien |

French Wink worked with Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes to design an experience for Father’s Day.


We were thrilled to hear that the king of men’s grooming in New-York, Martial Vivot, was looking to partner with us for a second time to throw a special event for Father’s Day. 

For the occasion, we wanted to go back to our roots… France to New York, what a journey! We partnered with the renowned stripes pioneer Saint-James and the fearless artist Carole Jury to create the concept "Man & The Sea".

On the day of the event, Martial Vivot’s guests experienced a broad array of unique brands ranging from caviar and wine pairings to fashion and tech accessories as well as a curated pop-art selection that all embody the French joie de vivre. We also offered a curated assemblage of French men’s and unisex brands. And cherry on the cake, we partnered with Air France to give away 2 round-trip business class tickets during our pop-up store event.

About Martial Vivot: Martial Vivot is a world-renowned gentlemen’s grooming guru and owner of the Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes on Manhattan’s West 54th Street.  Touted by the New York Times as “the gentlemen’s barber for many of the city’s most powerful” and “the best in the city” by GQ, he is arguably the city’s preeminent men’s stylist.

Partners for the event:

  • Martial Vivot
  • Saint-James
  • Carole Jury
  • Air France

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