Kelly Ripa spotted one of our summer favorite ''NoMo eau d'éte'' available at French Wink

by céline yildiz

When a popular celebrity like Kelly Ripa reveals her secret beauty weapon, it's bound to turn heads. Recently, in her exclusive tv show, Kelly Ripa shared her love for the NoMo products which are available since years at French Wink. 

During the show, Kelly Ripa expressed her genuine excitement and appreciation for the incredible benefits of NoMo “eau d’été”. A cologne with benefits, an insect-repellent spray wich helped her to keep the insects away on vacation.


NoMo is a brand who choose their products to be biodegradable, phosphate-free, and never tested on animals. They select only the finest essential oils and never use any harsh chemicals. In the show Kelly Ripa mentioned the product wich is offering the luxury of an “eau fraiche” with the added benefit of an insect repellent. As a fine fragrance: spray NoMo as you would your favorite perfume. Against insects: spray generously on legs, feet and all exposed skin. Reapply every 2 hours to maintain protection. For best protection, layer with NoMo shower gel and NoMo body crème.


French Wink continues to bring the best of French care to discerning customers worldwide !

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