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In Her Teen Shoes - Discover Eva (12 years old) French Wink daily must haves

In Her Teen Shoes - Discover Eva (12 years old) French Wink daily must haves

Myline Descamps |

Today, we let the oldest one of our kids, Myline’s first daughter, Eva (12 years old), curating a selection of French Wink daily must haves. Morning starts with either a bowl of chocapic cereals or a bite of French brownie.

Beauty routine follows with Payot Pâte Grise products to prevent and help with acne issues and then come the big “what I’m wearing today” question??? 

Eva who is proudly and finally tall enough to wear women XS is hesitating between the marinere “C’est la vie” or the T-shirt “J’adore l’été” (yes the “Oh putain” one is only for Mom!) to go with her Cacatoes bubble gum scented summer sandals

Now that she’s all set for the day and because she LOVES cooking, she grabs one of the French Recipe baking mix to prepare dessert for all the family. They are all so yummy (macarons, madeleines, crepes, pound cake and lava cake ). 

After some (ok quite a lot these days...) screen time she grabs a book “Les cahier d’Esther” because yes it’s important to read in French ( Mom again;)). Last but not least she finishes the day using a Petit Marseillais shower gel and the Biomilk probiotic face scrub (acne again;)) before calling calling for “Apéro time”: Mojito tesseire syrup and “biscotte à la tapenade” are her favorites.

If you are a parent of a teen or pre-teen like us, we invite you to discover our Teen collection, we gathered there all that will please them. Share with us your ideas of what you’d like to add!    


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