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Degrenne | the Art of Tableware at its best!

Degrenne | the Art of Tableware at its best!

Caroline Diene |

Humour, panache and elegance that is the way of life, inspired by the Degrenne.

Do you remember this French spot TV advertising? It was so fun!

Founded in 1948, Degrenne is a great story of entrepreneurship driven by the dream of a silversmithing enthusiast. A visionary man, the founder Guy Degrenne quickly understood the potential of stainless steel and embarked on a quest: to rethink the Arts of the Table by democratizing Goldsmithing. 

Bringing emotion and style at your table, Degrenne makes life less ordinary. Because when we share a moment with friends and family, it has be special & memorable!

We are very glad to offer you a new selection of this astounding French tableware manufacturer.



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