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CEOs Diary | Chapter 4: Between 2 phases

CEOs Diary | Chapter 4: Between 2 phases

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Happy Monday!

Here as some French Wink news as New York is between phases 2 and 3.


Our boutique is on «soft opening» for now meaning that you can come to pick up the order that you made online. As for now, we wait to see how New York City will do before thinking about a full time staff in place. 🗽

By the way, did you know that we've been entitled as French picnic experts by the local New York Magazine food blog, Grub Street (read here)? We shared our summer essentials for all. Some must have for your week-end picnic such as tapenade, saucisson, cornichons, sardines, olives, pâté de campagne, lunch box, travel mug and reusable bottle. Not to forget the essential folding-knife with corkscrew and linen napkins called para-tapas that replace disposable plates and napkins with cute and colorful design.

And to please entrepreneurs that we love in the Big Apple and customers that we cherish we’re trying to technically settle a way to extend the local delivery to vendors offering baguettes, croissants and more. 🥖 🥐


We now mastering US and international shipping of our products and settled a simple and fun way to add notes and personal messages to the orders which often are gifts for your loved ones. 

We found brands who can ship fresh products in good conditions as the marvelous pâtés and barbecue essentials from Chef charcutier Aurélien Duffour. And as we respect high temperatures issues for the highly expected chocolates (like Thierry Atlan and Michel and Augustin) that we put on hold until September. But you can still enjoy our delicious macarons & candies! ☀️


While pursuing our goal to promote French know-how in the US, the COVID-19 pushed us further to achieve a project that we had in mind for a while now: livestream shopping ! And here we are, ready to launch it! 🎥 🛍
The application is ready and the try out were nice. ;)

Let's have a ''rendez-vous'' on Wednesday July 1st with the 2 owners of OCabanon, the French restaurant next to our boutique to give you live updates about both of our businesses, behind the scenes secrets about how we work together and above all our favorites to prepare your perfect Aperitif, the French way! Register here.

The second episode of our ''Rencontre avec les auteurs francophones'' will be live on Wednesday July 8th at 6pm. Our host, Sandrine Kukurudz will interview in French Anna Alexis Tessier, Belgian author living in Florida. Viewers will benefit from a special discount and be able to share their comments and questions live. 📚

We have many ideas in mind to always go further in promoting French brands. So stay tuned and thank you for following our adventure!

And do not hesitate to share with us your ideas of improvements or your kind words of support, it's always a real booster!!!

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