CEOs Diary | Chapter 1: How to work with a partner?

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People often ask us the secrets of our successful bin么me. Here you are with some of our tips for a successful association:聽
1- Find someone you really like as a person.聽
Entrepreneurship has a lot of ups and downs so you need someone you can trust and count on as a human being. Someone with the same core values.
2- Have different backgrounds and strengths.聽
Even if we鈥檙e working together on mostly everything we do have different backgrounds and working and living experiences. We gathered an international and business career with a communication one to create our French Wink professional strength.
3 - Double check everything with your partner to be sure that you鈥檙e both on the same page and are keen to share the responsibility together.聽
Even if trust is at the heart of our partnership we draft everything: we exchange every single text or email before sending them out.
4- Take the time to think and breath.聽
Even if we are fast decision-making, we always force ourselves to take the time to process. When one of us disagree or is not confortable 聽with an idea or a project, We sleep on it! And the next day we ready to share and make it happen or not 馃槈
5- Have the same big picture. Small business entrepreneurship is not always easy and outside or personal things can lower your motivation and energy. Being on the same page and sharing the ultimate big picture allow us to support and boost each other when doubts arise.
6- Know and accept your limits. Even if we are very strong together we know that we can鈥檛 achieve this big picture by ourselves. Over the years we built 聽a strong 聽professional circle around us: graphic retail creative team, engineering custom furniture & printing team, ecommerce manager and recently we hired a content manager and a SEO badass.
7- Never stop learning together and Don't rest on your own knowledge. Look around, see what others do and be inspired. Learn new things, tools, apps everyday. As an exemple we are launching in a few days a livestream shopping app, can you believe it!
8- Last but not least : Have fun! Be silly and laught a lot!
Voil脿! You know most of our secrets but we鈥檙e ready to share more so shoot your questions!

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