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Our 5 Tips To Create Unique Easter Treats from France

Our 5 Tips To Create Unique Easter Treats from France

Claire Obry |

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, this time of year is perfect for indulging in limited edition French candies and chocolates that you can't find the rest of the year. Our 2023 Easter collection features delectable treats from some of the best French chocolatiers.
1- Go Beyond the usual eggs and bunnies
And we want foodies to go beyond the usual eggs and bunnies and have fun with other animal-shaped chocolates such as dogs, cows, hens, and pigs from Abtey Chocolate or chocolate fishes and mussels from Ile de Re Chocolaterie.
Beyond Easter bunny
2 - Curate some old-fashioned candies

There are so many ways to curate an original Easter basket, including vintage French candies like berlingots, fondants d'antan, and mints in tins. 

Vintage candies


3- Pay attention to the packaging

We love how French chocolatiers pay attention to both taste and packaging, often collaborating with illustrators to create unique designs. Comptoir du Cacao's 2023 chocolate bars celebrating spring with French artist Michael Cailloux's drawings in "Garden Party" are definitely worth a try, as are the modern and Francophile designs from Le Chocolat des Francais

Cute packaging easter


4- Add some delicious spread

And let's not forget about Confiture Parisienne's limited edition Easter jar, revisiting American peanut butter in a French way with some delicious dulce chocolate. This incredible spread is perfect for enhancing any PB&J treats.

Pâques man


5- Suprise little ones with a book or a toy

Finally, for our parent customers, we added some cute made-in-France toys featuring bunnies and Easter celebrations. Our favorites include the story of Tchoupi and his egg hunt or the stacking wooden pieces by Janod.
easter toys

So whether you're celebrating Easter or just looking for some unique French treats to indulge in, our 2023 Easter collection has something for everyone.

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