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Paris M'appelle: Paris is calling !

Paris M'appelle: Paris is calling !

Claire Obry |

This summer, the enchanting streets of Paris are captivating the hearts of our dear customers. The mere thought of strolling along the Seine, savoring delicate pastries in a charming café, and marveling at the iconic landmarks fills them with an irresistible desire to explore the City of Light. ✨✈️

For those who won't have the opportunity to visit Paris in person, fret not! Our website brings a piece of Paris straight to your doorstep. Immerse yourself in the allure of the French capital with our exquisite collection of Parisian treasures. From elegant snowball, kitchen towels, perfumes, candles, jewels to delightful gourmet souvenirs, we've got the perfect mementos to transport you to the romantic streets and vibrant atmosphere of Paris. 💌🛍️

But for those fortunate souls embarking on a grand adventure to Paris this summer, we invite you to share your plans and favorite things to do! Let us know the secrets of your itinerary, the hidden gems you've discovered, and the experiences that have stolen your heart. 📸🥐 tag us!

We have an extraordinary customer who has found a unique way to build anticipation for his family trip to France. Every two weeks, he send a teaser to his loved ones, unveiling a small gift symbolizing a delightful aspect of their upcoming voyage. From candies to cookies, each member invited to this extraordinary journey receives a special token, heightening the excitement and creating memories even before departure. We are honored to be a part of their extraordinary journey! 🎁🌍

So, tell us, dear friends, what is your Paris calling? Is it the dream of strolling through the enchanting gardens of Versailles? Is it losing yourself in the artistic masterpieces of the Louvre? Or perhaps savoring the aroma of freshly baked baguettes while picnicking along the banks of the Seine? Share your Parisian dreams with us and let us accompany you on this magical journey, wherever it may lead. 🌹❤️


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