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The Most Underrated French Secret

The Most Underrated French Secret

Claire Obry |

Unlock the mystery behind French culture: their profound appreciation for time

From daily rituals to leisurely pursuits, here are 8 delightful examples of how French savor each exquisite second, one wink at a time. ⏳🇫🇷

  1. Les Mijotés: In cozy French kitchens, mijotés simmer for hours. Whether it's a boeuf bourguignon or a ratatouille, time melds flavors, tenderizes meat, and transforms humble ingredients into culinary masterpieces.
  2. Aging Wine: French vineyards understand the art of patience. They allow wines to age gracefully in oak barrels, letting time soften tannins, deepen colors, and enhance aromas. A sip of well-aged Bordeaux whispers centuries of history.
  3. Cheese Maturation: From creamy Camembert to pungent Roquefort, French cheeses evolve over weeks or months. Time shapes their textures, intensifies flavors, and turns humble milk into edible poetry, oui oui. 
  4. Bread Making: A baguette isn't rushed; it's crafted. French bakers knead dough, allow it to rise, and bake it to crusty perfection. Time whispers to the yeast, coaxing out complex flavors.
  5. Refaire Le Monde: Why French dinner are soooo long? Because they love food obviously and savoring it. But also because they love reimagining society, politics, and philosophy. Time fuels these discussions, sparking ideas that ripple through generations.
  6. Flâner: Honoré de Balzac described flânerie as "the gastronomy of the eye." It's not idleness; it's a feast of observation. People-watching is a Parisian treat. Have you noticed how café chairs face the street?
    Strolling aimlessly is a French philosophy. ;)
  7. Timeless Selfcare: French women view aging as a journey, not a battle. Skincare is a daily ritual, not a rushed task.
    Makeup enhances natural beauty, rather than masking it. Less is more when it comes to everyday makeup.
  8. Iconic Fashion: French style exudes effortless chic with timeless essentials like a well-fitted jacket, silk scarf, and little black dress. Wardrobes include a white tee, classic marinière, and beret. Fashion items like bags are often cherished heirlooms passed down from mothers or grandmothers.
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