Pillivuyt French Porcelain

Ville de Paris, 9" Soup Plate, Set of 4

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Dishes inspired by that most Parisian of icons, the Eiffel Tower. The contrast of black and white highlights the immaculate white of the porcelain and is a nod to the uniform worn by the waiters in Parisian bistros. Ville de Paris 9" Soup Plates come in a set of 4.

The Pillivuyt Factory has been producing fine porcelain in the heart of the Berry region for 200 years, making it home to some of the oldest and most prestigious porcelain brands in France. Pillivuyt represents a tradition of excellence, handed down from generation to generation of master artisans and industrial porcelain makers. Each item is made entirely and uniquely in France, and the company is a beacon for French excellence and expertise around the globe.