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Vegan Probiotic Lip Balm

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BIOMILK Prebiotic Lip Balm offers prebiotic nutrition for soft, healthy lips.

Deeply hydrating lip balm instantly locks in moisture for soft happy lips from sunrise to bedtime.

BIOMILK Prebiotic Lip Balm feeds your lips’ delicate skin with caring all plant-based nutrition enriched with balancing prebiotic care.

Prebiotics are nutrients feeding your skin microbiome to help create a healthy, balanced environment.

BIOMILK's founder, Valerie, is originally from Paris and has been living and working in the U.S. for 15 years. To craft BIOMILK's formulas, she asks a simple question: "how does your skin's natural ecosystem work and how can we keep it healthy?"

Prebiotic Lip Balm includes skin superfoods: shea butter, sunflower seeds, spy and jojoba.


Natural Plant-based Vegan 100% Clean

How to use: Apply as needed throughout the day.

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Vegan Probiotic Lip Balm
Vegan Probiotic Lip Balm
Vegan Probiotic Lip Balm