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Organic Wild Pansy Protector Balm

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Cold, wind, pollution... How about giving your skin a protective veil

Our organic protective wild pansy balm offers your skin more comfort throughout the day and helps withstand harsh environmental factors. Discover the force of nature in this 100% natural balm made with flowers from our garden to better protect your skin and enjoy a more glowing complexion.

The skin is protected and shows a better resistance to the weather elements when the balm is applied the night before. It envelops the skin in a protector veil and brings comfort to the skin for the whole day.

The wild pansies used to make this organic anti-pollution balm are hand-picked in our garden and are guaranteed organic according to the French AB (Agriculture Biologique) standard and by the Ecocert organic certification organization.


About Beauty Garden

Since 2014, our herbalism expert has been producing organic herbal teas in her large field of flowers and growing organic cosmetics in the kitchen garden in Auriac, France. With a Natural mindset, the brand is also committed to eco-design with wooden packaging, ecological and made in France.

Organic Wild Pansy Protector Balm
Organic Wild Pansy Protector Balm
Organic Wild Pansy Protector Balm