My Fabulous Storyteller

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My Fabulous Storyteller

Screen-free and emission-free companion to awaken your kids’ imagination!

With “My Fabulous Storyteller”, children craft their own stories by choosing a hero, an object, a location, and more… Then a fun and engaging adventure begins! This magical little box offers kids endless possibilities to awaken their imagination, develop their vocabulary, learn languages, discover art, or travel the world… The inspiration for this innovative Storyteller comes from an essay written by Maelle Chassard, one of the four French founders of Lunii, exploring the reasons why imagination plays a key role in child development. 

Product details:

        A unique “story maker” that helps children craft their own stories

        Screen-free and emission-free: an alternative to tablets and phones

        Retro style audio player with the latest tech

        Available in 8 languages including French, Spanish, German and English

        Soft touch, sturdy and easy to carry companion

        Comes with 48 stories + 12 additional free stories to download from the Luniistore, our digital library

        Capacity to store up to 20 albums of different language at the same time

        Perfect for long trips with an autonomy of over 10 hours of continuous listening

        Jack plug for headphones - Check Octave to connect multiple headphones

        Rechargeable via micro USB

        Compatible with Mac, PC and Linux

        Product dimensions: 6.8 x 18.5 x 3.5 inches

        Weight: 7 ounces

        Ages: 3 to 8 year old

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My Fabulous Storyteller
My Fabulous Storyteller
My Fabulous Storyteller
My Fabulous Storyteller
My Fabulous Storyteller