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Keep Calm Gift set - C'est la vie

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C'est la vie ! A keep calm set that will help you adopt a zen attitude during tough times ;)

We include in that set 3 essentials products:

- One roller calming balm : Égide, envelopes you with warm, sensual notes of sandalwood, ylang-ylang, frankincense, neroli and cistus. These essential oils have been prized for centuries, and clinical research confirms their neuro-calming properties. The effect of Égide is hypnotic, uplifting, a balm for the senses. Égide is a unisex fragrance. Here in its roller format (10 ml), Égide can come along wherever you are.

- One box of sublingual plant-based supplements ZEN ATTITUDE: Effective help against mental fatigue, stress and anxiety. Provides a pleasant mood with total relaxation accompanied by normal sleep. Improves mental balance at all ages, especially on menstrual dysphoric disorders.

- Cherry on the cake: One dark chocolate bar made with Moringa, a very powerful plant that will boost your immunity.

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