Vinaigrette - Amora

Vinaigrette - Amora

Vinaigrette - Amora

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Make your salads, cole slaw, and crudités a little more French by drizzling them with Amora’s Vinaigrette!


In classic French fashion, this vinaigrette is refreshingly tart. Composed of vinegar and oil, its touch of salt and mustard give it the tang you were looking for and allow the vegetables to shine through.


Vinaigrette is traditionally made at home using a mixture of oil, vinegar, and – the key ingredient – excellent mustard. (You can get your own jar of Amora Dijon Mustard on this very website!) While the French aren’t known for embracing spicy foods, when it comes to mustard, all bets are off and no one minds using one that’s especially zippy. The other secret to a great salad dressing is the use shallots (like onions, but smaller and more refined in taste). When marinated in vinegar, they soften and add an attention-grabbing flavor to the dressing because of their slight bite. Vinaigrette is not usually made with balsamic vinegar – rather, wine or sherry vinegar is more typically used. Plenty of French people, especially older generations, make their own vinegar in the cellar, using un-pasteurized wine. Fun fact: vinegar comes from the amalgamation of the two French words “vin” and “aigre” meaning wine that has gone bad! Lastly, the choice of oil is up to the chef. Olive oil works well, but so do more neutral oils, like safflower or colza oil; lots of people make some sort of mix.


How should you use vinaigrette like the French? After a main course, serve lettuce on its own, and drizzle it with vinaigrette. The key element here is to make sure you dry the lettuce first – the vinaigrette will just roll off wet lettuce otherwise. You can also grate carrots and mix in the vinaigrette – be generous, though, because the carrots absorb the dressing enthusiastically! Thinly sliced cucumber or cold, peeled, boiled potatoes are also great bases. Slice up some Belgian endives and hard boiled eggs, and toss them with the Amora vinaigrette; that’s protein, antioxidants, and great taste all in one. If you have some juicy tomatoes turning ripe in your garden, slice those up and drizzle them with dressing; the freshness and pairing of tastes will make your mouth water. These French salads are delicious because they are so simple. They’re especially perfect during a summer heat wave when you have no desire to cook or eat anything warm.



  • water
  • vegetable oils
  • red wine vinegar
  • salt
  • modified starch
  • sugar
  • mustard
  • thickening agents: xanthane, milk protein
  • concentrated lemon juice
  • aroma
  • coloring: lutein (tagete extract)

Size: 15.2 fl oz

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