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Facial day cream - L'Essentiel de Lavande

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L'Essentiel de Lavande : inspired by nature !

On the sunny heights of the Clansayes plateau, South of France, the mistral wind embraces the lavender and lavender plants cultivated in our fields according to organic methods. The driving force behind the project to take over an agricultural operation in the Drome Provençale area was an irresistible desire to bring this plant and its timeless fragrance back into the timelight. After distillation, its precious oil now enjoys new life n these collections for the home and for personal wellbeing...

The story of Essentiel de Lavande has found its natural place in the well-being ! Each collection is meticulously produced from natural ingredients, using lavender and lavandin from our fields. The benefits of these plants are preserved and the olfactory promise is guaranteed !

Facial day cream : This cream is made from extracts of comfrey, ispaghul and mimosa.

Known for their moisturizing and generating benefits for the skin, and wheat germ, rose hip, kukui nut, and sunflower oils, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, organic lavender and lavender essential oil.

It creates a day cream that leaves your face soft, supple and radiant.

Made in Provence

50 ml - 1.7 floz