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Eau de Cologne for her - La Veritable

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La Veritable made by Cadentia, makers of the world's finest Eaux de Cologne. Since it opened in 1945 French perfumer Cadentia has become known for the subtlety of its scents. But subtle does not mean simple, no ! to the contrary Cadentia's Eaux de Cologne, although fresh and timeless, exhilarate the senses with a wide range of olfactory notes.

You can thank the company's master perfumer and "nose" for that. With his world-renowned talent, traditional know-how and passion for invention, each of his new formulas excites senses and soul. Poetry, fantasy, passion and creativity, they all come together in Cadentia's original and natural products.

But Cadentia's nose is just a part of a team, based in the south of France overlooking lavender fields.

Eau de Cologne La Véritable : the elegance of being yourself !

An authentic French Eau de Cologne embodying strength, pleasure, freshness and authenticity.

Base ingredients : alcohol denat, aqua, fragrance

Made in the South of France - bottle spray 75 ml - 2.55 floz

4 scents : Lavender (sensual and woody, with notes of powder, tobacco and musk), jasmin (a sparkling departure with a brilliant floral and sensual bouquet), violet (violet, cedar and wild roses enrobed in citrus, white musk and patchouli), Rose (Fruity and woody, with a citrusy smooky sweetness)

Eau de Cologne for her - La Veritable
Eau de Cologne for her - La Veritable
Eau de Cologne for her - La Veritable