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Dishwashing Soap - La Corvette

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Marseille soaps has always been glorified for its many virtues : it is natural, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly, and made in France !

For more than 120 years, La Corvette has been making traditional Marseille soaps in the best tradition : a blend of history, tradition and expertise.

La Corvette is following the traditional recipe manufactured in Marseille, boiled in a cauldron, using only vegetables oils, no chemical additives (no dyes, no perfumes and no preservatives).

The  soaps are wrapped by cellophane recycled paper.


This dishwashing soap is made from Marseille soap and bicarbonate of soda. It is 100 % natural household product which degreases and shines dishes.

Ingredients : 30 % soap,  aqua (water) sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide

Dishwashing Soap - La Corvette
Dishwashing Soap - La Corvette