Solid Deodorant

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FRESH UP is a solid and durable deodorant. Its purifying and absorbent ingredients provide a solution to contain odors and limit sweating. A fresh gesture with zero waste, ideal to adopt!

  • Apply FRESH UP directly after the shower, you will not need to moisten it!
  • Keep your deodorant away from light and heat.
  • A slight discoloration may occur in light, which does not affect the effectiveness of the product. 

Intended for all skin types, FRESH UP is a solid vegan deodorant made from ingredients of natural origin or carefully selected plants. Coconut oil, clay, baking soda, zinc ricinoleate and the essential oils contained in its formula offer many benefits:

  • Odor removal
  • Absorption of perspiration
  • Purify
  • Feeding
  • Protecting

FRESH UP is a durable deodorant, for a long-lasting freshness.


  • Sodium bicarbonate: odourless, it promotes the elimination of toxins and impurities and neutralizes the odours of perspiration.
  • Zinc ricinoleate: it neutralizes the compounds responsible for perspiration odours, without altering the natural skin flora.
  • Clay: derived from a sedimentary rock, naturally rich in minerals, trace elements, iron, zinc, silicon and magnesium, it has absorbent and purifying properties.


A solid vegan deodorant, FRESH UP is characterized by a compact and firm texture that will soften very slightly when moistened, to deposit a thin layer of cream as light as it is invisible. 

It does not attack the skin and leaves it fresh and protected

Handmade in France


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Solid Deodorant
Solid Deodorant
Solid Deodorant