Creme N2 Harmonising Soothing Cleanser

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Creme N2 Eau Lactee Micellaire is the veil of softness for sensitive skin. The first essential step for sensitive to intolerant skin Creme N2 Eau Lactee Micellaire effectively eliminates make-up and impurities and is gentle on the delicate eye area, thanks to a high-tolerance, fragrance-free minimalist formula. It instantly soothes and calms the signs of sensitivity for skin that is lastingly comforted. Its unique hybrid texture is a genuine formulation breakthrough, and brightens up this often dull ritual by offering a bold experience! This extremely gentle, delicate cleanser is surprisingly as fresh as water and as creamy as a lotion. It melts delicately on the skin to soothe and envelop it in a comforting veil. A hypoallergenic, fragrance-free formula, with the most skin-friendly ingredients to ensure maximum affinity with the skin

Creme N°2 Eau Lactee Micellaire Payot Harmonising Soothing Cleanser
Creme N2 Harmonising Soothing Cleanser