Colorful with Mia Series - Roses 12

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Carole Jury's statement: "Photography is the main source of my artistic inspiration. It is the virtual that I took who are at the heart of each of my series, of my works. These photographs may or may not be recent. Sometimes I go through my albums looking for a shot that I would have lost.
They are, most frequently, part of those already destined to become a painting at their birth. I want to retranscribe an emotion or an action more than a simple description of the photo I was inspired by. My last Series "Colorful with Mia" refers to a period during which a young girl around me was in the hospital. The colorful paintings were then a way for me to send my energy to her. I associated of glossy lips to this series."
Oil paint on wood canvas / varnished
Size painting: 6"x6" | 1.5"
Size painting with frame: 7.5"x7.5 | 2"
Deliver with white wood frame
Deliver with a certificate of authenticity
Deliver with gift paper
Signature on the back
Colorful with Mia Series - Roses 12
Colorful with Mia Series - Roses 12
Colorful with Mia Series - Roses 12