Brittany Bouyer

Arc De Triomphe Gicleé - Art Print by Brittany Bouyer

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A Walk Through Paris Collection
"We'll always have Paris." - Humphrey Bogart

Our deep connection to places we've been or dream to go is hard to deny. Paris is a place that will keep you wanting more, discovering something new behind every stone corner in every neighborhood. Strolling through this historic city takes you on a journey to discover what is means to be present; to take in the slow movement of the city and find a magical boutique, monument, museum or café when you just look up.

This illustration will take you back in time to the first time you saw the marvelous Arc De Triomphe or to dream up a time in the future you know you'll be there to see it in person. Be surrounded by the architecture and the city streets of Paris life in your own home by hanging this print in your home. Be reminded of your fond memories that you'll hold close to your heart for years to come!

Vintage textured tan background
Sepia tone outlines

Size: 11" x 14" 
Edge to edge design (no borders)
Frame not included

Gicleé art print details: archival matte paper 230 gsm, Smooth, neutral-white, matte finish, printed with acid-free ink