Rire by Q de bouteilles (recycled wine bottles)

Rire by Q de bouteilles (recycled wine bottles)
Rire by Q de bouteilles (recycled wine bottles)

Rire by Q de bouteilles (recycled wine bottles)

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Q de bouteilles - glasses made by recycled French wine bottles

Unique cups and glasses to toast to French creativity and elegance.

A la vôtre!

Sets of four or six transparent drinking glasses. The Danser collection of glassware is handcrafted in the Q de Bouteilles atelier in the North of France using recycled French wine bottles collected from restaurants on the Bay of Somme. A set of four makes a perfect housewarming, hostess or wedding gift! 

Materiall: Glass
Dimension: Ø7 x H12 cm
Color: Transparent

Q de bouteilles means "bottom of the bottles." 

Glass Manufacturer, La baie de Somme, France
What is a bottle of wine if not the memory of a privileged moment of sharing: friendship, laughter, discussion and love?
The adventure started in a Paris apartment when Emeric Cruchant Fleuriau and Gauthier Decarne set out to preserve the memory of evenings spent with friends laughing, loving, dancing and debating by transforming leftover wine bottles into vases and glasses with the tools they had at hand. The concept was an immediate success! Their biggest problem was lack of bottles.

They soon set up shop in Cucq, Gauthier’s home town near the northern tip of France, where they established partnerships with restaurants in the area. They now employ a team of skilled French glass workers who craft each piece using traditional savoir-faire acquired in the region.

Q de bouteilles means "bottom of the bottles." The colors of the bottles offer a panel of subtle shades, from perfectly transparent (Danser) to the elegant harmonies of green, yellow and brown (Débattre, Rire and Séduire).

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