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Cercle Exquisite Sparkle Scented Candle

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The Cercle Exquisite Sparkle scented candle with its translucent plum exterior allows the white vegetable wax to shine through. As for the interior lacquering in light gold, it brings luminosity to the whole with the Maison Berger Paris logo hot stamped on the container of the candle. These new shades embellish your interior and give it a warm aura this winter season. After lighting this Cercle Exquisite Sparkle scented candle, the scent will fill the room and reveal itself, leaving an air of celebration. The zesty exuberance of grapefruit combines with the airy woody scent of patchouli and some sparkling accords. A beautiful invitation to share in this busy period. Proudly centered in the middle of the table or in a small corner of your living room, this candle will be a sensation.

  • 100% natural botanical and vegan wax (soy), without GMOs, for cleaner burning
  • Cotton wick whose braiding is specifically adapted to the size of the candle and its fragrance.
  • Ecological and sustainable manufacturing.
  • Fragrances created by French master perfumers, solid-poured to ensure controlled and homogeneous burning
  • Patented molecule to neutralize bad odors
  • Intense perfuming for up to 38 hours
Cercle Exquisite Sparkle Scented Candle
Cercle Exquisite Sparkle Scented Candle
Cercle Exquisite Sparkle Scented Candle

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