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The Dairy Free Box, 12pc

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PLEASE NOTE: We ship our products from Monday through Wednesday and offer overnight shipping to ensure the freshness of our products. 

Our macarons are made using the finest and freshest ingredients. Using fresh almonds as our base, we handcraft each macaron with homemade jam and ganache. This box is an assortment of our dairy free macarons. It contains two of each of the following: dark chocolate, mango passion fruit, vanilla, pistachio, violet cassis, and raspberry.

To fully appreciate the flavors of our macarons, we recommend that you keep them in the fridge for no more that 8 days after purchase and that you take the macarons out of the fridge 30 minutes before eating. 

Please note that our items are only available for shipping in NYC and New Jersey. 


The Dairy Free Box, 12pc
The Dairy Free Box, 12pc

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