France Dubin

Merde, French is hard.. but Fun ! - Vol.2

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Author France Dubin 

This book should be the second novel you read in French, right after you read "Merde, It's Not Easy to Learn French", volume 1 in this series!

Reading a book in French can be difficult, even for advanced students. French novels are usually full of idiomatic expressions. They use complicated tenses, complex sentence structures, and often slang. The books in this series are in simple French. They tell of the joys and the frustrations of an adult learning French. You'll find a good dose of humor, exercises, and illustrations.

Note: this book contains adult language.

The book has two sections, allowing more levels of French students to enjoy it.

Section 1 has the story written completely in French, and includes grammar exercises
Section 2 contains the complete translation in English and the answers to the exercises.

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