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Luxury Tonifying Eucalyptus Creamy Soap

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Eucalyptus is a holly tree in Morocco. The eucalyptus soap and its refreshing smell gives the user a tonifying and stimulating experience. Eucalyptus is good against tiredness and has a deep cleaning effect. It contains eucalyptus, clay, but also 8% of Melchior & Balthazar precious argan oil to be a creamy soap. Melchior & Balthazar use a traditional crafting method, cold saponification, which preserves the quality of our precious organic and ethical oils. The unique composition of that soap prevents from any dryness effect. It leaves the skin soft and moisturized after washing. Melchior & Balthazar's soaps are made in France, in the Vallée de Chevreuse. The packaging is made in France too, from recycled papers. Made of organic plant oils (including 8% Argan), butters (Shea & Cacao), fine clay and essential oils, this trio of soaps leaves the skin incredibly smooth thanks to the "cold" saponification process that preserve all the oils & butters natural qualities for your skin. 100% of ingredients are from plant and natural origin.
100% of ingredients are organic.
Melchior & Balthazar is labeled Cruelty free & vegan by PETA.
Luxury Tonifying Eucalyptus Creamy Soap
Luxury Tonifying Eucalyptus Creamy Soap

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