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Organic Pumpkin Mask

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Intensely moisturizing organic mask, loved by all skin, from normal to dry. It offers a true feeling of comfort. The mask is formulated with organic squash juice combined with biodegradable plant-based ingredients. 100% natural and organic cream, for an healthy and efficient hydration. Ideal for normal to dry skin it will bring you a real feeling of comfort. 

The pumpkin is very appreciated for its anti-oxidant qualities and its high content of beta-carotene and vitamins; it has been used for generations for skin care.The pumpkins of this mask were planted, pampered and harvested in our garden. This vegetable is certified organic according to the AB reference system.Carole our herbalist picks pumpkins and proceeds to the manufacture of cosmetics following this harvest, to ensure the use of fresh vegetables. We obtain a pumpkin juice, which becomes the flagship asset of the pumpkin organic cocooning mask.


About Beauty Garden

Since 2014, our herbalism expert has been producing organic herbal teas in her large field of flowers and growing organic cosmetics in the kitchen garden in Auriac, France. With a Natural mindset, the brand is also committed to eco-design with wooden packaging, ecological and made in France.

Organic Pumpkin Mask
Organic Pumpkin Mask

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