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Organic Cucumber Mask

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Freshening organic cucumber mask to help hydrate & rest your skin. Perfect for all types of skin. Its freshening action is increased by an original texture that melts on your skin and releases the freshening effect of cucumber. Formulated with organic cucumber juice combined with biodegradable plant-based ingredients. 

Cucumber is highly valued for its cooling effect and has been used for skin care purposes for generations. The cucumbers in this face mask were planted, pampered and harvested in our vegetable garden. This vegetable is certified organic according to the French AB (Agriculture Biologique) standard.

Use: Scrape out the mask with a teaspoon and apply on your face and neck using the tips of your fingers. Leave for 10 minutes and then rinse.


About Beauty Garden

Since 2014, our herbalism expert has been producing organic herbal teas in her large field of flowers and growing organic cosmetics in the kitchen garden in Auriac, France. With a Natural mindset, the brand is also committed to eco-design with wooden packaging, ecological and made in France.

Organic Cucumber Mask
Organic Cucumber Mask
Organic Cucumber Mask

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