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Flashcards - Beginner Pack 1!

There is no greater gift than the ability to speak multiple languages. With Flashcards, have your children and family members play this fun, educational game! Discover a fun and super effective way to learn French vocabulary with the new Coucou Flashcards!
With its themes based on everyday life, this game allows you to quickly learn words that will certainly be useful on a daily basis!

How to play?

  • Guess the meaning of the word in context with 2 easy-to-understand examples in French
  • Flip the card and use illustrations as a hint
  • Memorize the gender of each noun at a glance: the cards are color-coded
  • Learn full verb conjugations
  • Write your own examples directly on the card


Our “Beginner Pack 1” contains 320 cards divided into 8 different themes and is geared towards students of levels 0-3 but is also a great way for more advanced students to solidify their vocabulary!

Themes included in the Beginner Pack 1:

  • La cuisine (kitchen & cooking)
  • Les animaux (animals)
  • Les vêtements et les couleurs (clothes & colors)
  • La vie quotidienne (daily life)
  • Le temps et la météo (time & weather)
  • Les lieux et les transports (places & transportation)
  • Le travail (work)
  • Les personnes (people)

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Flashcards - Box
Flashcards - Box
Flashcards - Beginner Pack 1
Coucou French Classes
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